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Manga is a good distraction y/y?

Wow, the last several months have been... roller coasterish. XD;

Sorry for disappearing again off the face of LJ. It tends to happen when I'm stressed or distressed because that is when I throw myself into RP even harder. I'm now playing 5 characters again. Managing ok so far, I think. Getting my footing still with Shouichi, but that's to be expected, right?

There has been so much going on lately, but it's all day to day and I never know if anyone cares to hear that sort of thing. *shrug* I don't tend to babble much about fandom like I see most people do. Dunno why. Maybe I should start? Eh, sure why not?

I didn't expect to like this silly shounen series as much as I do now. It's no masterpiece or anything but neither is Tsubasa XD;

So of course I ended up liking the not!villains the most. Per usual. Like the Varia - Squalo and Bel amuse me (to the point where I'm going to cosplay Bel even >D). As does Fran. Even Lussuria when he isn't talking like a creeper is funny. XANXUS is honestly just a spoiled brat and I'm glad that in the future arc he had grown up some. I like his interactions with the rest of the Varia (read: Squalo >.>;), but he's a dick, really.

Also grew rapidly attached to Shou-chan >.>; It's the "best friends forced against one another" thing. (Loved it in Code Geass and Zombie-Loan with Chika and Shiba. Guh, such a thing I have for that.) Plus, Shouichi reminds me of one of my OCs that I've had for probably the longest that I still use in RP. Little techie geniuses for the win ♥

I also really do like the few girls the series has had. Bianchi is of course awesome and I wish she'd get more page time really (that wasn't just silly Reborn chasing antics maybe?) And Chrome is cute and I think probably more aware and smarter than people are giving her credit for. But I think Haru and Kyoko are incredible too for being able to go through what they just did. They held it together and did what they could to help. So what if that was typical gender-role type help? They are just Japanese middle school girls thrown into all of this. The fact that they didn't fall apart during the future arc is a testament I think to their having strong inner strength.

No idea what I think of the new characters from the newest chapter yet. They've shown what 3 of 7 for a whopping page or so apiece? Not enough for me to think much of anything about them. *shrugs* So I'll wait and see where it goes.

Thinking that at some point I should watch the anime, for voice-listening fun not just the episodes that have Shouichi in them >.>.

In CLAMP news, Kobato anime was pretty, but dumb. I'm told to read the manga, so I'll give it a shot again. Gotta start over, it's been so long. I'll wait to talk about my feelings on the characters until I see how they are in the manga first. As for the anime alone? Weird, confusing, and rushed-feeling ending. Bleh. And I wanted more Wish characters. *shot* I know, probably everyone is whining about that. Whatever XD

I miss Tsubasa T.T

Gotta read xxxHolic. So much to catch up on, daaaamn. But lol, CLAMP fandom and your theories and jumping to conclusions. You never fail to make me laugh.

So many other things to read too. *Siiiighs* Sakura-hime Kaiden and Zombie Loan probably come next though. Mm.

Alright, I think that's enough babbling. I could go on and on and on. See? This is what happens when I bother to post. ^^; And I could make a post of substance about how life has been that roller coaster, but I don't feel like it yet. Maybe soon I'll want to vent or organize my thoughts on it. We'll see. If not, then I'll have let some of it go and that's good too, yes?

Loves to you all if you read this far XD; ♥

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... why are you reading KHR, Yuri. Srsly. I'm gonna feel guilty all my life about this (I mean, I endure it because my love for ONE character is bigger than... it really goes to great levels).

But now I can badmouth Xanxus with someone. YAAAY. But seriously, there is not a character I hate more in this series. I mean, in an unhealthy level that I keep quiet about it and chose to badmouth Hibari in public, who in comparison, just bores me. Dear god, get that thing away for me. AND HE IS SO POPULAR.

Anyway. I feel kinda protective of the new girls. Because I have seen the fandom and its horror.
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Why did I read it? Because a friend and I made a deal. She read TRC and I read KHR. >.> I really like it though. ^^;;;;

And uhhh don't get me wrong, I don't really dislike XANXUS either XD; Sorry. I just fully acknowledge that he's an ass. A total ass. That's all. He's not one of my favs though.

I can understand you feeling protective of the girlies given what I've heard of the fandom, but that's why I don't tend to read comms and crap ^.^;;

Pssst, I do like Yamamoto, so cute, silly baseball boy

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Aaah, well, I feel less guilty. XD It's fine, I just have this thing with shonen manga...

Oh, well, psst, yeah, he is. XD I guess we all agree on that.

Heh, he is, isn't he?

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I understand. They have their flaws, definitely.

But yeah, I've read it all. XD; I was really surprised when I heard you start talking about it. Btw, keep manga coloring, plz. You do incredible work. ♥

I'd request something from you if I thought it wouldn't distract you from your studies even more XD;;

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Thank you, hon! &hearts Pfft, Ask away. I love to make them! Procrastination is my second name. XD

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I would loooove to have a colored picture of Shouichi >.>; Or Bel ♥ *_* B-but only if you wouldn't mind.

And omg, I forgot to mention Lal Mirch up there when I was talking about the girlies. Of course she's awesome too. Uni too! Gah!

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Heh, I will make them! <3 It may take a time, but I will!

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Uwaaaaaaah~~~~ ♥ Take all the time you need, of course! Sankyuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~