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Yuriko ([personal profile] chiba_yuriko) wrote2010-04-13 02:24 pm

Can I call in gay? ;.;

Blech. I wish I could go home sick for the rest of today at work, but I have to close and there is no one to cover for it.

I feel so gross and moody inside and I think it's the cause of this growing headache XP

And right after going to the shrine even, wth?

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*huugs* I hope you feel better Yuri!

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I did after a little while. Thanks for the hugs and well wishes ♥

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*super hugs!* Sometimes it really hurts to go to work. *totally understands*

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It's more that I was super stressed by home stuff and there is stress at work and I was just like... tired of it. I'm doing a bit better now though, thanks. ^______^

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Ugh, you poor thing. D: I would come and make you tea and pie or something if I could. I hate when there's no one to cover you during situations like that.

I'm sending good vibes for you.

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Aww, thanks, Jesse. ;.;

What's this I heard about you moving recently btw? o.0

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I told you guys I was moving to Mt. Vernon so I'd be a little closer~ I either told you or Marina last time we spoke.

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Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I think it was me. ^^; I think I forgot since that was a while ago it feels like. Well, hopefully everything went okay?

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Mostly unpacked now but still got some stuff to do~

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Ahh, packing and unpacking - how you do suck. G'luck with the rest of it, k?