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Yuriko ([personal profile] chiba_yuriko) wrote2010-07-15 12:02 pm

I has a shiny and so does she!

Ahaha, wow, I suck at posting. Big surprise, huh? Lol.

Anyway, just an update on life because I should and feel like it.

Biggest thing? As you all are probably pretty well aware by now, I'm the proud owner of a fiancée! It has a sparkly ring and everything. Mwhahaha >D You all should get on her about posting pictures and the story! I feel funny telling it, since it was all my scheme, so she should instead. Thank you everyone who wished us congrats on her first post btw. Love you all~

Also, just an observation, but it's really funny how people think we have everything planned already. Lol. People are like "When and where and etc" and I'm like, dude, I have no idea. XD We have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. Going to a wedding expo on Saturday before Bon Odori festival so maybe ideas will spring forth from that? If nothing else there will be cake and pretty things and that's enough to get me to go, hehen~

Other news? Mari and I now have a beautiful blue room (that is still in the process of being put back together, but it's still cleaner than it has been since we moved in >.>) ♥ It's so niiiice. Much much muuuuuuuch thanks to [ profile] seleraleonhart for not only helping me clean, but paint the entire room. It was a lot of fun! I think once the room is together, there will be pictures. Mm!

Anouuuuuuu~ other than that life has been pretty day in and day out. But still a roller coaster somehow! So many ups and downs. My life has been really good to me as of late, but other people are having such a hard time. At work. At home. Friends that are afar. Just in the world. It sucks. My love and best wishes go out to everybody, okay?

Caught up on Liar Game (whoo binge reading) - gotta love the not!romances and the mind games, man. Seriously. I like a LOT of the characters too. Fukunaga took a while, but man the moe love when the crush was revealed and I was won over. LOL. But loving lots of the people. Must. Wait. For. New. Chapters. Now. x_x

Have read all of Amatsuki except for the newest just posted chapter. God I love that stupid thing even though I have NO IDEA wtf is going on. Also, I wanna play Bonten somewhere. He and manga!Aion from Chrono Crusade could so easily be bffs (or destroy each other). This should happen somewhere. Too bad no one plays people from either series XP

Waiting on the next chapter of Reborn and maaaaaaaan, it's interesting where this is going. Let's just say I'm having some X flash-backs and am waiting to see what the big twist about this ancient grudge really ends up being. Also been watching through the anime with Megan and it's a lot of fun to see the scenes in action and hear the voices. MMM voices XD So glad we're into the Varia stuff though. XD Xanxus stop looking like a bitchier, gayer Kurogane kthnxbai

Oofuri. TT_______TT why over already? Nuuu, want more baseball boys. At least there is one last DVD only episode to look forward too. *SIGH* Funimation? YOU SUCK ASS for not licensing the next part. HMPH.

Been playing my first Final Fantasy game. (Yes, I live under a rock, shut up). FFIV = One big FML for Cecil. The end. XDDDD

And I think I'll stop there for now even though there are other ramblings to be had.

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WHaaaat? I somehow missed something! But omg congratulations, you two!! Looking forward to the story and pictures! <3

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Ahahaha! I did get to inform one new person at least then! Wahoo! XDD

Sankyuu! *Hugs* ♥

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Whooo! That you did! Super excited for you guys. >3~~~

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I heard about the engagement, and I'm so happy for both of you! Congratulations! \o/ I want to hear the story! *bounces*

Sorry for the late reply OTL

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Thank you so much. I hope she'll still post it up, but if not, I may just have to do it anyway. ^///^ *Is shy or something*

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Oh wow, congratulations on your engagement! :D I'm very happy for the both of you~ ♥

Sorry for the late replay OTL (Is full of fail clearly)

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Thank you so much~! ♥ All the well wishes have reminded me that not the entire world sucks at least. And that's actually really nice to know XD