chiba_yuriko: (Fai - Streeeetch)
Yuriko ([personal profile] chiba_yuriko) wrote2010-12-05 01:32 pm

I exist! No, really.

Sept 2nd huh? Wooow. Yeah, that was the last time I posted. And usually even if I stopped posting, I was still reading my flist, but I think it's probably been a month and half since I've done that too.

/Shakes head. Yeah, sorry guys. Made of fail right here.

Hmm, well yet again, hoping to change that. I've just never been a journal person. Never kept a diary as a kid or teen. Not for myself. And I've never been good at keeping in touch either. I just don't know. /Shrugs.

Ah well. So, hey all out there, love you all~! Hopefully I'll be around here again on LJ as myself and not just as roleplay characters. Ehehhehe..eheh...heh. Yeah, I'm a loser, I know. XP

I don't know if I really want to try and do some sort of update - there's been so much and yet nothing I feel is monumental that people need to know about it now that it's passed. There was my birthday and trip to Canada and Halloween and shopping (lots of that going on, foul enablers) and snow and Thanksgiving and re-classing at work. But eh, nothing worth the details for me, so let's just start fresh here, shall we?

So, today! Hah, today I should be dressed by now (am not), should have eaten something by now (also have not, but at least there will be groceries later) and then should finish cleaning and drag up the Christmas decorations. Enough lazing around. So I think I will get started on that.

Ciao ♥

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