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Yuriko ([personal profile] chiba_yuriko) wrote2012-09-07 12:45 pm

Roleplay PSA

So, the last week or so has been awful in terms of me having any sort of *free* time with energy to spare. And not only has this made it hard for me to tag, it's just killed all motivation to do so when I can scrape up some time because by then I'm too damn exhausted. Hopefully this week is just bad for that because of fluke stuff, but besides that, I've really missed being able to do things OTHER than RP lately. You know how long I've been playing FFXII? Like over a year, no joke. And even longer for KH 358/2. I haven't drawn nearly as much as I'd like, colored as much as I'd like or even hell, read a full book in a very long time.

SO. Of course this sounds bad. This sounds like I should drop something right? But I'm not going to right now, I adore all my characters and games and would regret it immensely if I did. But I'm also not apping anyone. So no 2nd at Citadel or NB for now. See how things shake out now that people are getting back from summer. Also see if my time management skills improve. That said, I'm going to try and limit how *much* I throw my characters at so that I can stop being so gosh darn slow and maybe still have some time for other fun stuff or not feel so guilty for doing them at least.

So the plan is throwing them at less and maybe trying to finish threads up faster so I'm not bogged down in them for forever. Hahahah, yeah I know. I'm baaaaad about this. But the thing is, I HATE having threads dropped on me, so I hate doing it to others too. So I just keep going for forever. And if I was a faster tagger, that'd be fine to keep doing, but I've lost my speed over the years and well, I gotta adjust.

**NOW THE ACTUAL PSA PART OF THIS** - I'm dropping some old threads. If there is something I haven't yet tagged back and you'd like me to still, by all means, just let me know and I will happily do so. Or we can just talk a bit and figure out how things would have gone and leave it at that. But otherwise, I'm just going to try and start over this month fresh besides a few select things. This applies largely to Somarium (so affects **Kurogane, Shouichi, and Kakyou**).

Ashura is mostly caught up at the moment except for needing to tag into new things and figuring out what is going to happen in Yuui's dream. Shion is all the backtags ever right now, but they're all important, so they're staying. I do need to figure out when he can leave the hospital though.

I'm hoping by doing this and getting some old stuff cleared out and new stuff coming in, I can find my motivation again because last night and having none and thoughts of just dropping entirely was just miserable.

Thanks for your patience all of you lovely lovely people I play with and thanks for reading.

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