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Omg, I'm posting again, IN THE SAME MONTH AS MY LAST ONE! Shh, I know it's just barely still March.

So Sakura-con is this weekeeeeeend~~ Sooooo excited! I really have to be careful this year given that I have a fandom like FMA again, in that it has shit-tons of merch XD; Must. Limit. Spending! Is it really obvious that I'm excited for the Dealer's room in particular? Hehehen, but I am for Artist Alley too! And High and Mighty Color, iiiiiii!

And just, guh, it's con in general. I need this break soooo bad right now. The beginning of the quarter is always killer. x_x

Hmm, I had something else to write about... What was it?

Ah, yes. Art. I'm so very dissatisfied with mine right now. So VERY dissatisfied. And yeah yeah, I do know I need to practice more and just draw, but it's the style itself that I'm unhappy with and I'm not sure how to tweak it or change it. I seem stuck in a rut in that sense. Blech. Any suggestions from the artists out there on what I could do to invigorate the whole look of my illustrations? Anything would be nice to hear because I don't like being frustrated every time I want to draw and see the other things in my sketchbook that I know aren't bad at all, but I don't want everything to look... I dunno. The same. XP I don't even know how to explain. Anyway, any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!

Alright, back to work with me, lunch break is over *siiiiiigh*

Quick notes to self: Do a revised "want to cosplay list," put new batteries in teh camera


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