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Yeah yeah, whatever. I decided to start my journal over (minus the whole deleting everything I have here already). But new layout (kitsune!♥), re-uploaded icons and I'm going to do a flist cleaning at some point. So I hope no one gets offended. I doubt anybody notices my journal anymore by now anyway XD;

Rundown of life lately?

-Work, work, work. Shoot me, man, plz. XP
-Just got back from a few days visit at home. Such a good little break even if it made my hours for work this week suck (needs teh $$). But my sister had her birthday stuff early so I'd be there for it. It was nice. I can't believe she's almost 15. CRAZY! Things I learned? My mom likes home shows on HGTV too ^.^, I want an iPod >.>, I suck at Guitar Hero but not the Pirates 3 game XD;
-So Far-chan is visiting this weekend, which is nice. It's been so long since we got to see her. We're going to go have nummy tea laters ♥ And last night I finally saw all of Boku no Sexual Harassment (since she wanted to watch it). Dude, that thing is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was just laughable. I kinda liked the development between Honma and Mochizuki though after all. XD; Then to watch something not so terrible that actually showed porn >.< we watched Sensitive Pornograph. I really like those short stories, so sweet. And I can't stop thinking of Sono as Fai since they look similar and I can picture Fai sounding like that >.>... Gah, I'm such a fangirl XD
A choice quote from the night? (Farha's always great for these)
"It's like hardcore with a soft center!" -Farha on Sensitive Pornograph
-I love Koda Kumi. I am listening to her Kingdom album that I downloaded. More people should be that hot. *nods wisely*
-RP eats your life and soul. 'Nuff said. XD; But god, at least I'm finally getting some stuff done and taken care of for Memento. But damnit I wanna play with MY RP >O
-I need to get off my ass and draw mascot things. Both AIYA and SakCon are in need. AIYA has first priority though. ([ profile] kurosakihisoka, any luck on your end for the SakCon one?)

And that be all for now. As a New Year's Resolution I am going to try and update this thing at least once a month. Hopefully more often than that, but knowing my track record, shooting for once a month is better than nothing. Lol.


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