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So, kinda too tired to post up an actual post-post (I have a few memes I HAVE done and just not posted >.> Yes, I happen to be THAT lazy), but I wanted to get a quick bit out about NaNoWriMo!

So, as I mentioned before I'm doing that crazy thing again this year, so wish me lots of luck. Going to take semi-hiatuses at RP for the month (I definitely don't want to do full ones, that's for sure) and just try to write, write, write. Hopefully I'll do better than last year. I loved that story idea to bits and went really far ahead of the actual writing of it in my head, but... well... ah well. Maybe another time I'll pick it up and try again. Who knows?

This year however, I am doing FIC. Tsubasa fic to be exact! Doing it post-series though, so if anyone hasn't caught up and doesn't want to be spoiled, probably best to not read it until that changes XD;

It's going to be posted up as I go at [ profile] haruhi_ism, so feel free to read along! Mari is posting her's there too since it's a shared writing comm for both of us, so read her's too! The first part of mine, Beyond the Moonlit Pass (I suuuuuuck at titles, I know), is here specifically.

That's it for now, real post to come in the next few days I hope ^.^


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