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So I've been keeping up with LJ in terms of reading the flist and all that, but posting, once again has been eluding me. XD; Ah well, I try. Kinda. Time to list it XD:

-NaNo: Tried it, kinda floundered, gave in. ^.^;; But I'm still going to be working on that story though I'll be posting it in this journal instead because I want it here. I'll ask if people want a filter for it later when I start putting what I have up (not that there are many people to ask XD) In any case, it was a fun experience and I'd be willing to try it again. (I seriously have such little self-discipline *flop*) LOVED reading [ profile] kaitou_marina's though. Shall have to nag her to get back to writing it soon because dood, I want moar.

-New job: Is going well. Lots of working extra while training and to get things caught up from the time when no one was even filling this job. @.@ But hey, it's better pay than the grocery store and I like the work better too, so it's not that bad. Getting up so early everyday though... x.x Ugh, that I could do without. Ah well.

-Holiday Mash Up: Dear god, coordinating like... 4 families it feels like (plus hoping to visit [ profile] innate too somewhere in there). But I think we'll make it work, so it's all good. A little worried about the gifts I still have yet to get (or think of wtf @.@) since time is rapidly running out, but I'll manage. Somehow. XD Then gotta figure out when/how to get to Canadaland to see all of them for fun times and visiting and xmas. Also, teh JENNI visit, must. figure. out. Oh and ya know, Mari's birthday's in there somewhere too. Wish me luck people. Wish me luck. XD;; Oh yes, and we have a Christmas Tree. A real one. And it's all decorated and stuff despite not having quite enough lights for our liking, it still worked out and is pretty and sparkly. ♥

-Snow: Good grief, it isn't that much of it, no, but it's been so cold it makes everything really icy. Ugh. I love snow, I do, but worrying about people getting around in it is bad. Buuuuut, like I said, other than that I really like it. It's so pretty. *.* (Even if I have to try to catch buses in it that pass me by at the stop without slowing down. TWICE >.<)

-Shrine: Zomg, the Shinto shrine covered in snow was so beautiful. And didn't pound any mochi myself this year, but it sure was tasty. Oddly enough, I think I've grown from hating red bean paste to not minding it at all. Huh. Anyway, the ceremony was nice, the grounds were really lovely, watching the mochi pounding was fun and I took lots of pictures with my phone. (Man, I want a real camera for things like that. Someday *sigh*) I also bought part of my dad's christmas present there - protection and luck amulets from the shrine. I've been kinda worried about him lately, so... I hope he'll like them and they'll help. In any case, I really enjoyed the visit this year even if getting there was a bit of an icy-road adventure XD;;;

Hmmm that's about it for a life update sort of thing. OH, [ profile] shibbyfangirl, a little bit ago (a week or two after you asked actually) your package arrived! Sankyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ ♥ I looove the genuinely Hokkaido kitsune bag XD and the cute lil' Fai cleaner strap. He's now proudly hanging from my DS. And it's always nice to get letters. I really should send them more often knowing how good it feels to get one. ^^;; But thank you so much!

Now to probably get ready for bed soon since I have to get up early tomorrow just to see if I go to work or not again (didn't today, it was closed due to potential and then actual snow and icy conditions).


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