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New layout up in honor of the Fullmetal Alchemist Movie: Conqueror of Shambala!

And let me tell you people, Al was a little BITCH while I was making this pretty AND readable. OMG *tears hair out* I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but it'll do. Pride!Russell was hard to read off of too, and this one is easier than him, so it's an improvement for me anyway.

And I just had NO ideas for icons, so I like just pulled them out of my ass. XDDD They aren't too bad considering that. *amused* I think I'm gonna cave soon and give up some money for extra icons and emoticon set making abilities. And then I'm gonna go and use like good icons XD I mean, yeah, I like a good deal of what I make, but I just don't have the flair some others do and when I do make an exceptional one it's rare. So making enough to fill my account? XD; Yeah, right. I'm gonna go icon-hunting! <3

In any case, I'm rambling about icon-making >_>; Hehe.

Work is nice. I don't hate it, it's simple and I'm getting paid a lot for how easy it is, so I'm happy. Just sucks that it's every day for 6 hours, cept weekends. Oh how I treasure my weekends. I've SO missed staying up past 1 and having no consequence to it. ;_;

Have been RPing a lot lately. Even started one with a new person. And OMG so glad I did! Kyou-chan's RP with me is AWESOMELY CUTE. *dies of it* Also branched out and *gasp* talked to people in chats. Some of the cool folks from the FMA fandom. It was great! So nice and fun to talk to! *much love to them all*

Also been doodling a lot lately! And working on a fic! o.o Yeah, I know. And what's scarier? This looks like it may actually... get WRITTEN! *another gasp* I have the prologue done, just have to get it betaed. Better start on the picture that I want to post up with it, huh? XD Yeah, I think I'm gonna do a sketch/doodle dump on my LJ. I want to use this sucker.

Yeah yeah, I KNOW I keep saying that, stop looking at me that way!


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