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So I'm very late compared to everyone else, but it is still the first day of the year, so XP Happy New Year's everyone! I hope it's starting out fabulously for you all ♥

Obligatory New Year's Meme of some kind XD )

So that was last year, here's to next year! Starting with some resolutions for me to keep track of. Call me old fashioned even if I do know I don't keep them - they are more like things to work toward anyway, right? Right.

  • Artz!

  • Even just drawing more. Seriously, why should this be hard? My sister has far since surpassed me, I need to get back to practicing more often. I want to tweak my style so it's more... unique or has different flavor to it, but we'll see. Just drawing more in general would be good. But I also wouldn't mind doing some other art projects and such. We'll see what happens I guess. At least the drawing more often bit though, geez.
  • Clean up the bedroom

  • This is just sad, I know, but our room is still not fully unpacked from moving in here.
  • Get things on the walls of this house damnit!

  • We have way too many posters to not be putting shit up. I've just been lazy and hesitating about whether or not we are painting, but you know what? If we do, I'll just take stuff down. Good grief, self, it's not that hard.
  • Post more often

  • Yeah, I don't post on LJ enough for some people and I agree, but I am doing better than I did the year before last, so there XP~ I still could do better, but eh, we'll see. Oh and I may actually tag stuff, that's another we'll see XD;
  • Money Stuffs

  • Haha, doesn't that sound broad? Basically now that I'm making a little more than I used to, I really should be putting some into some sort of savings. Also, need to get on that whole combining accounts with [ profile] kaitou_marina.
  • Cosplay

  • I want to get back into doing this and have a bigger part in contributing. Try/practice sewing more myself even. I think that's pretty self-explanatory, yes?
  • Photos

  • So I have a camera and I've taken tons of photos with it and I like never do anything with any of them. So I'd like to change that. Post them or print some of them or something. Mm. Kind of wishing I hadn't resized so many of them I've already taken and put on the computer at least. Should have just left them and stored them on a thumbdrive or something. Ah well.

I haven't posted in a while either about just stuff, but I'll do an update on life or whatever later. We're planning on going to see Sherlock Holmes today, possibly as a whole household *gaspshock!* Laters!

Edit: The fish is now named! My betta is named Kufadis after the Abh lieutenant of Spoor in Crest of the Stars. That poor poor man ♥


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