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Various babbles about con and RP and stuffz

Hey look, it's even broken up for you guys! Lol

So, con was pretty damn good this year. Yay for good company~ It was exhausting too though! And I only wore one costume one day! But I think I did more this last con than usual, so that's likely the reason. Cosplay chess (the main daytime one at least) was I think the best thing there this year - the AMV contest kind of blew and the cosplay was average. Most the cosplay groups were tolerable or actually good and there were a few that sucked toward the end XD; I think that's kind of per usual, really.

Didn't take too many pictures, but I'll upload the few I did probably tonight or tomorrow. Plz don't kill me Erika! XD; I got one of [ profile] seleraleonhart in her Hibari cosplay that not a single person recognized lol and one of myself in Aburatsubo which exactly one person recognized at con. Got a few of my sister though who did the Medicine Seller from Mononoke and omg she looked fantastic. The friend she spent most of the con with was running around as Excalibur too. I WISH I had gotten to see that because just the head piece alone was pretty incredible. I'll edit with pic links later. There were some other pics I wanted to take of various cosplayers, but some of them have become a bit snoody apparently and didn't want to be bothered to get pictures taken by normal con-goers. *ROLLS EYES*

Also, dealer's room ohohohoho I knew it would be dangerous this year and I was right. I spent sooo much. But oddly I think I spent more on FOOD this con o.0; How the hell did that happen?! Oh yeah, going out to eat with friends with alcohols >.>;; The haul this year was some doujin, some gorgeous fanart posters, some pins (Byakuran and Shoooou-chan!) and some artist alley pins too (>.> Shouichi again. SHHHH!), some figurines and two new phone straps. XD; No artbooks this year though. Nothing grabbed me as MUST HAVE THIS SECOND. But of course like a week later and the stupid Reborn artbook came out. XP So I will be buying that soon if it's at Kinokuniya and if not, well Megs and I shall each be ordering it. Now, come on, CLAMP, WHERE is the HOLIC artbook, damnit?!


Hmm, as for RP news I'm... struggling. Going to try a few things out to see if I can resolve my issues. I think it's honestly lack of sleep has been piling up and I can't concentrate. This leads to FRUSTRATION because come on - Kurogane is a harder character to play than say, brainless Maguri, but not by THAT much. Either way, I'm starting to wonder if a re-read of Tsubasa wouldn't hurt...

As for Shouichi? I just need to push the stupid guy into DOING stuff. XP Jittery little thing is giving me the same issues as Mihashi, good grief.


I've noticed more and more that as I've gotten older and dealt with more people in the world (online and IRL) that I've gotten... mmm more jaded. I guess that's to be expected really, but the extent of it has been surprising me lately. Like I hadn't noticed just how well I can set aside when people hurt me and it doesn't matter anymore. It's actually harder to set aside if they hurt my friends or 'Ina, really. Especially when it's other "friends" doing it.

I used to think I was fairly empathetic, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's not more that I'm capable of understanding other people's positions logically and not that I feel for them. Because lately I haven't been feeling much at all other than frustration and exhaustion at how people keep proving to suck. Especially when I can't understand their reasoning (or they don't have any!).


I'll either it sort it out myself and let it go or talk to people about it. It'll likely be the first one... Why so apathetic self?

All of this of course may still go back to the whole I'm way too damn tired and exhausted at LOTS of things, so maybe I'll feel differently or see things differently later. I definitely wouldn't be surprised given that just about the stupidest things are making me want to cry. Haven't yet, but heh, we'll see how long it lasts. So maybe I'm just cranky. Who the hell knows... Guess I'll have to see.

Yay self-reflection -_-;

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I used to think I was fairly empathetic, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's not more that I'm capable of understanding other people's positions logically and not that I feel for them.

I can understand that. Knowing what people's reasons are -- and even being able to acknowledge that they may have some reasons for having those reasons -- is one thing, but it doesn't require you to agree with them or even feel sorry for them.

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Yeah, exactly.

I'm not sure if that's always been how it was for me or not, but it's certainly leaning more toward that these days.

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Also Mimi and I thought it might be fun to scar Mihashi for life, y/n? Because. Y'know. He needs MOAR ISSUES, CLEARLY. 8Db


Man, it seems like everybody's really super-tired with Life, the Universe and Everything lately. I know I've been getting kinda really cranky because I can't get away anywhere by myself, and that makes me snap at everybody or otherwise just not give a damn. I can tell it's really bad when I want to dropkick Janna a couple of times a day xD

Unfortunately I've never found a sure-fire cure for these moods, which blows :/ If I were back home I'd probably take the car and go on the roadtrip. Maybe spend a couple of days incommunicado? Sometimes that seems to work-- stay away from the internet and the phone, try and limit your human contact to only the people you want to deal with as much as you can, and see if that recharges the ol' batteries. *shrug?*

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Tomorrow! I will upload them tomorrow and link, ok? XD


I'm SO up for things happening to Mihashi, you have NO idea!


Yeah, I have no idea if it's a mood that has struck me or if it's just a product of a lot of people showing their true colors or just being huge freaking flakes. I dunno.

I am trying to limit my contact to people I like right now though, so maybe that'll help. *Huuuuuuuuugs* ♥

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People I've met since moving here really ARE flaky. Vancouver is notorious for it, apparently, but sometimes I wonder if it's kind of a generational thing, too? idk.

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I think it must be generational, man. Guh. Because in my experience, it's been people from all over.

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I saw 'em around quite a bit over the weekend o: She looked awesome!

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Ahaha, yeah, that was her I'm betting.

I'll definitely let her know that people thought she looked good!

Bitter and Jaded?

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I'm talking about me, don't worry. :P

Seriously though. I think I've found that on the surface most people suck, and IF you feel like scratching beneath, many of them are worth the effort... Not all, but many. Finding the energy to expend to MAKE the effort of scratching is another story though.

I was chatting with exdream1999 tonight about drunken anime at Mick & Nathan's old place and playing 'dodge lolli' and how amusing it all was... It's like thinking back on a story read from another life now, but it was so fun at the time... I miss chatting at the meal hall post anime afterglow.

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Funny, I've found that they don't suck on the surface, I've been getting to know them better or letting them in and being friendly and then they turn out to be flakes or they don't want to expend the same effort I already did. XP But I suppose working past even that, that yes, the first impression may have truth to it underneath, but they have to be willing to let me get there, now don't they? *Sighs*

I sooo miss the after club dinners, seriously. XD