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Because everyone needs a little more cheer after this year...

Comment here with your name & address if you'd like a holiday card from me! All comments are screened so addresses will be safe. (Alternatively you can private plurk me the info at [ profile] wagamamapuu)
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Comment here with your name & address if you'd like a holiday card from me! All comments are screened so addresses will be safe. (Alternatively you can private plurk me the info at [ profile] wagamamapuu)
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So I'm going to try and do cards again this year! hopefully they'll get out sooner than after new years this time... whoops

Comment here with your name/address if you'd like a holiday card from me! All comments are screened so addresses will be safe. (Alternatively you can private plurk me the info at [ profile] wagamamapuu)
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Leave your address here and I shall send you a card! Also give me a favorite fictional character (that has a visual reference!), just for kicks >_>

All screened for privacy!
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So, the last week or so has been awful in terms of me having any sort of *free* time with energy to spare. And not only has this made it hard for me to tag, it's just killed all motivation to do so when I can scrape up some time because by then I'm too damn exhausted. Hopefully this week is just bad for that because of fluke stuff, but besides that, I've really missed being able to do things OTHER than RP lately. You know how long I've been playing FFXII? Like over a year, no joke. And even longer for KH 358/2. I haven't drawn nearly as much as I'd like, colored as much as I'd like or even hell, read a full book in a very long time.

SO. Of course this sounds bad. This sounds like I should drop something right? But I'm not going to right now, I adore all my characters and games and would regret it immensely if I did. But I'm also not apping anyone. So no 2nd at Citadel or NB for now. See how things shake out now that people are getting back from summer. Also see if my time management skills improve. That said, I'm going to try and limit how *much* I throw my characters at so that I can stop being so gosh darn slow and maybe still have some time for other fun stuff or not feel so guilty for doing them at least.

So the plan is throwing them at less and maybe trying to finish threads up faster so I'm not bogged down in them for forever. Hahahah, yeah I know. I'm baaaaad about this. But the thing is, I HATE having threads dropped on me, so I hate doing it to others too. So I just keep going for forever. And if I was a faster tagger, that'd be fine to keep doing, but I've lost my speed over the years and well, I gotta adjust.

**NOW THE ACTUAL PSA PART OF THIS** - I'm dropping some old threads. If there is something I haven't yet tagged back and you'd like me to still, by all means, just let me know and I will happily do so. Or we can just talk a bit and figure out how things would have gone and leave it at that. But otherwise, I'm just going to try and start over this month fresh besides a few select things. This applies largely to Somarium (so affects **Kurogane, Shouichi, and Kakyou**).

Ashura is mostly caught up at the moment except for needing to tag into new things and figuring out what is going to happen in Yuui's dream. Shion is all the backtags ever right now, but they're all important, so they're staying. I do need to figure out when he can leave the hospital though.

I'm hoping by doing this and getting some old stuff cleared out and new stuff coming in, I can find my motivation again because last night and having none and thoughts of just dropping entirely was just miserable.

Thanks for your patience all of you lovely lovely people I play with and thanks for reading.
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Muses? Why are you all restless?


Stupid Shouichi and his stupid delicate stomach, stop making me ill with your what-ifs! XO

In other news, I have bills to pay. Wheee fun. -_-
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Sept 2nd huh? Wooow. Yeah, that was the last time I posted. And usually even if I stopped posting, I was still reading my flist, but I think it's probably been a month and half since I've done that too.

/Shakes head. Yeah, sorry guys. Made of fail right here.

Hmm, well yet again, hoping to change that. I've just never been a journal person. Never kept a diary as a kid or teen. Not for myself. And I've never been good at keeping in touch either. I just don't know. /Shrugs.

Ah well. So, hey all out there, love you all~! Hopefully I'll be around here again on LJ as myself and not just as roleplay characters. Ehehhehe..eheh...heh. Yeah, I'm a loser, I know. XP

I don't know if I really want to try and do some sort of update - there's been so much and yet nothing I feel is monumental that people need to know about it now that it's passed. There was my birthday and trip to Canada and Halloween and shopping (lots of that going on, foul enablers) and snow and Thanksgiving and re-classing at work. But eh, nothing worth the details for me, so let's just start fresh here, shall we?

So, today! Hah, today I should be dressed by now (am not), should have eaten something by now (also have not, but at least there will be groceries later) and then should finish cleaning and drag up the Christmas decorations. Enough lazing around. So I think I will get started on that.

Ciao ♥
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HELP! I'm going crazy trying to figure out what I want to do RP-wise. So I will try to ask opinions here. Seriously, please, give me something to nudge me one way or another. Or even suggest entirely different games if you think I'd like them, I'm open to suggestions. Or other characters on my musebox list even.

I'm begging here. Here are the games I'm thinking of and the possible characters for each:

Belphegor (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
Would need a little canon review, voice testing but I really want to play him somewhere to try him out. Also would need to decide if I want him ten years later version or not.
Ashura (RG Veda)
Would need maybe a tiny bit of review and I really really miss playing the kid. Would probably do child!Ashura rather than post-series though and I'll likely never get a castmate ever. Unless I can bribe a Yasha from Dear Mun or something But he's so much fun. Especially if I could do things with the seal on his true self slipping. Mwahahaha >D
Shiba (Zombie-Loan)
I want to play him, it'd be interesting, but I'm shaky on how well I do understand the character. It'd help probably to play him, but I'm not confident starting out. Would need a little review and catching up on what's scanlated.
Aion (Chrono Crusade, manga)
He's a lot of fun to write, but only if he gets a good convo going with someone. And he's a heavy-thinker character. Would need to do some light manga review. He'd also hate it in Somarium after a time.
Wolfram (Kyou Kara Maou)
Oh god, I just have missed this character like crazy and want to give playing him a shot. HOWEVER, he'd be bitchy as all hell without some sort of castmate or a demon-friend and I would need to do so much review and catching up, it's kind of ridiculous.

Maguri (Gentlemen's Alliance Cross)
I MISS playing Maguri in a game. Such an easy play and fun too. Don't think he'd fit in well at Somarium, but Vatheon is a little lighter looking and I wouldn't have to think up Dream Posts for him. I'd need to do absolutely nothing to play him though. I could app immediately. Lol.
Ashura (RG Veda)
Ashura would also fit in well into this game. Again never gonna see a castmate without digging and bribing though. And I wanna play him damnit!

*None of the characters I was itching to play the most would fit well here I don't think, but the GAME looks so interesting. I want to try it out. I love Outlaw Star and it's setting and the game is small and just starting so it'd be fun to join in now and get to play with everyone that's there. Plus the Bel there is amazing from my lurkings and would be fun to interact with. But kinda worried the game may die off easy since it is so new... hmmm.... Considering these characters for the setting though:

-Itsuki (SuzuHaru)
-Roy (FMA, first anime)
-Chrono (Chrono Crusade)
-Possibly even Squalo or Fran >.> (Hitman Reborn)

So thoughts? Suggestions? Help? LOL
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No vacation should suck that bad.

Or suck that much when you get back home on top of that.


At least I got to take nice long walks on the beach (even if it was cold) and catch up on Zombie-Loan.
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DS left at home
Despairing, my woe is great
Heroes left to wait
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Annnd since I never post, it's okay for me to spam XP And actually, just so we're clear I actually love both Red and Blue teams. LOL

R vs B Which Character are You Meme (editted so this has some context, oops)

























WTF the entire world is apparently made up of Grifs. I think Sarge is in hell.
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Ahaha, wow, I suck at posting. Big surprise, huh? Lol.

Anyway, just an update on life because I should and feel like it.

Biggest thing? As you all are probably pretty well aware by now, I'm the proud owner of a fiancée! It has a sparkly ring and everything. Mwhahaha >D You all should get on her about posting pictures and the story! I feel funny telling it, since it was all my scheme, so she should instead. Thank you everyone who wished us congrats on her first post btw. Love you all~

Also, just an observation, but it's really funny how people think we have everything planned already. Lol. People are like "When and where and etc" and I'm like, dude, I have no idea. XD We have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. Going to a wedding expo on Saturday before Bon Odori festival so maybe ideas will spring forth from that? If nothing else there will be cake and pretty things and that's enough to get me to go, hehen~

Other news? Mari and I now have a beautiful blue room (that is still in the process of being put back together, but it's still cleaner than it has been since we moved in >.>) ♥ It's so niiiice. Much much muuuuuuuch thanks to [ profile] seleraleonhart for not only helping me clean, but paint the entire room. It was a lot of fun! I think once the room is together, there will be pictures. Mm!

Anouuuuuuu~ other than that life has been pretty day in and day out. But still a roller coaster somehow! So many ups and downs. My life has been really good to me as of late, but other people are having such a hard time. At work. At home. Friends that are afar. Just in the world. It sucks. My love and best wishes go out to everybody, okay?

Oh yes, in manga/anime/game funworld... )

And I think I'll stop there for now even though there are other ramblings to be had.
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Allllllll done! I just finished re-hauling my icons. (Yes, I deleted them all and reuploaded from scratch x_x) I'm pleased with the results. Yeah, some of them stuck around because some of those icons I just love, ya know? But others left to make room for new ones and all. I finally have some Reborn ones (with Shouuuuu-chan~)! And while CLAMP is still the overwhelming majority, the rest are spread across different series pretty well.

If you're really bored, see the breakdown... Yes, obviously I was bored too XD; )

Yeaaaaaah, I really counted all the icons and totalled those all up by series.

ANNNYWAY! XD I should go get changed and stuff now for going to check out Old Navy. They have skirts on sale >.> And I need some new jeans anyway. BADLY. Hopefully I find some good deals or something. Hmm... should probably eat something too...
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So I actually got tagged for a meme and guess what? I actually did it. *GASPSHOCK* Though I filled this out like last week and just now got a chance to put it up. XD; Ah well~

♪ If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
♫ Tag 8 people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

I answered silly questions, can you? )

[ profile] kyoukosama
[ profile] arivess
[ profile] yumesan
[ profile] oui_je_danse
[ profile] phoenix_prose
[ profile] darthparadox
[ profile] kurikara_ryuoh
[ profile] wighty

(Yay for random selection, seriously)
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fdfkjapidspjaoisdjpaf ♥

*Excuse Yuri while she has a total and complete fan spaz while on break at work*

Thank god my boss and office-mate is out for the rest of the afternoon >////>

I'm such a freaking fangirl.
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Blech. I wish I could go home sick for the rest of today at work, but I have to close and there is no one to cover for it.

I feel so gross and moody inside and I think it's the cause of this growing headache XP

And right after going to the shrine even, wth?
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Hey look, it's even broken up for you guys! Lol

SakuraCon rambles and later there will pic links! )
RP babbles )
Just a thought... (warning: tl;dr self-reflection >.>; )
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Omg, I'm posting again, IN THE SAME MONTH AS MY LAST ONE! Shh, I know it's just barely still March.

So Sakura-con is this weekeeeeeend~~ Sooooo excited! I really have to be careful this year given that I have a fandom like FMA again, in that it has shit-tons of merch XD; Must. Limit. Spending! Is it really obvious that I'm excited for the Dealer's room in particular? Hehehen, but I am for Artist Alley too! And High and Mighty Color, iiiiiii!

And just, guh, it's con in general. I need this break soooo bad right now. The beginning of the quarter is always killer. x_x

Hmm, I had something else to write about... What was it?

Ah, yes. Art. I'm so very dissatisfied with mine right now. So VERY dissatisfied. And yeah yeah, I do know I need to practice more and just draw, but it's the style itself that I'm unhappy with and I'm not sure how to tweak it or change it. I seem stuck in a rut in that sense. Blech. Any suggestions from the artists out there on what I could do to invigorate the whole look of my illustrations? Anything would be nice to hear because I don't like being frustrated every time I want to draw and see the other things in my sketchbook that I know aren't bad at all, but I don't want everything to look... I dunno. The same. XP I don't even know how to explain. Anyway, any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!

Alright, back to work with me, lunch break is over *siiiiiigh*

Quick notes to self: Do a revised "want to cosplay list," put new batteries in teh camera
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Wow, the last several months have been... roller coasterish. XD;

Sorry for disappearing again off the face of LJ. It tends to happen when I'm stressed or distressed because that is when I throw myself into RP even harder. I'm now playing 5 characters again. Managing ok so far, I think. Getting my footing still with Shouichi, but that's to be expected, right?

There has been so much going on lately, but it's all day to day and I never know if anyone cares to hear that sort of thing. *shrug* I don't tend to babble much about fandom like I see most people do. Dunno why. Maybe I should start? Eh, sure why not?

KHR, CLAMP, must read next--> )
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Wow... haven't written in a while again, have I?


I suck at that though. Keeping in touch with people in general. *sigh* I'm sorry to everyone that that's the case... I don't try to slight you all, apparently it just comes naturally. ;_;

Ugh. I wanna crawl into a hole and die for a while right now.

Just posting to let people I don't live with know I'm alive ^^; I'll uh, get to posting something of substance sometime soon, really. Hopefully when I'm not feeling like hiding and never coming out.


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